Quick and Reliable Volumetric Check for Machinery

The INORA SRS (Spatial Reference System) dramatically speeds the process of maximizing machine accuracy and consistency. Created using proprietary technology powered by Ellipsoid Analytics, it is the first system of its kind to deliver reliable, error-free volumetric check; therefore, it eliminates compounding errors in the manufacturing process. Additionally, it requires no specific orientation, which expedites the setup and testing processes.


What is it?

The system consists of six NIST-traceable carbon-fiber bars — as well as four steel spheres — that connect to form a rigid tetrahedron. The symmetrical tetrahedron shape is the first of the Platonic solids and provides six easy-to-read comparisons. As a reference object, SRS is geometrically and thermally stable, meaning it can be used in almost any location or condition.



  • Verify production and measuring machines (machine tools, CMMs, robots, etc.)

  • Correlate CMM and CNC machines to determine appropriate calibration cycles

  • Optimize CMM performance

  • Provide rapid checks of articulating-arm portable CMMs, laser trackers, systems, etc.



  • Significantly reduced time for machine verification

  • User independent

  • Quick and easy setup

  • Reduce machine downtime

  • Consistent verification eliminates scrap and rework

  • Insensitive to temperature, pressure, and humidity

  • Lightweight and easy to transport

  • Mountable

  • Ideal for 2-D, 3-D, 4th, and 5th axis applications

  • Repeatable, reproducible, and highly accurate

  • Can be automated through use of a pallet system