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Inspection & 3D Coordinate Data Collection

Need a part inspected, a volumetric check of a machine tool or CMM, or a 3D laser scan of a space or mechanical room for as-built documentation or retrofit? Whether you need 25 micrometers (0.001") accuracy, or a data collection that spans several feet, floors, or furlongs, we have the latest technology and the know-how to collect the data, and can produce the result you seek. 

QUality department Services

Inspection and quality system consulting.  Some view quality control as a bottleneck, but we see QC as the final note of a beautiful symphony that is your manufacturing process.  If each piece is in harmony, there will be cheers at the end.  Metrology and coordinate measuring is our jam.  Got an AS9100 or AC7130 audit in the future?  We can help with that, too.

Building Information management (BIM)

When trying to navigate through an AEC or BIM process that begins with collection and processing of a 3D point cloud, organizations can encounter slow learning curves and sluggish cycle times.  Let us help steer in the right direction full speed ahead. 

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