Some recent achievements

Last month, with a bit of programming and an innovative approach to portable CMM device positioning, we were able to improve the efficiency of an inspection process on a large welded fabrication by 60% while reducing the uncertainty by a factor of 3 on critical-to-quality features.

And, as a result of our programming efforts, the overall efficiency gain will be more than 80% the next time the part reaches final inspection.

3 weeks ago, we kicked off a 2-day laser tracker implementation with a customer's application, and achieved a move device result of 0.0007" maximum 3D error over 20 feet.

With just a few days of our on-site consulting, this customer is now empowered to achieve these results on their own.

Increasing throughput, eliminating bottlenecks, and creating more robust processes are common goals and objectives for our customers. If you, or someone you know, wants to get more out of their portable coordinate metrology equipment, we are at your service anywhere in the World. #lasertracker #arm #automation #inspection #metrology #qualitycontrol

Volumetric Machine Tool, CMM, and Portable CMM Verification

Adding to our existing capabilities for on-site verification of coordinate measuring machines and machine tools, we are now happy to announce our use of the Inora SRS (Spatial Reference System) for the verification of volumetric accuracy and machine tool performance. We have customers who use the data from the SRS to lengthen the time between factory calibrations, to assess actual in-field performance of portable coordinate measuring systems, and to locate and quantify errors in their machine tool envelope.

Do you use portable coordinate measuring machines at your facility? Do you have a machine tool with probing capability? With the Inora SRS, you can reduce downtime, improve quality, and save money.

Contact us to schedule an on-site verification and volumetric check of your metrology instruments or machine tools.

We are excited to announce...

At Arrowhead Services, we are excited to announce news about our growth. Do you use portable or fixed coordinate measuring machines? Are you an OEM manufacturer of CMMs? Do you manufacture machine tools or other multi-axis machinery? Our company can help you achieve the highest quality standards. Send a quick email to to be the first to know when our announcement will go public… and take full advantage of an exclusive window of opportunity.

100% CMS Portable 3D Coordinate Metrology Certified

We recently attained 100% CMS certification for Portable 3D Coordinate Metrology from the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) !

Our Managing Consultant can work with you to streamline or fully automate your inspections using laser trackers or articulating arms, no matter what brand of solution you use.  Reach out to us with your ideal cycle time, and let us show you what it will take to make it happen!

Our 1 Year Anniversary, Just 2 Weeks Away

In the past year, we have had the honor of working on some critically important 3D coordinate measurement and large volume data collection projects.  We have implemented efficiency gains of up to 100% for some metrology applications by optimizing and automating the workflows with laser trackers and articulating arms.  Our goal is always to improve our customers inspection and data collection processes.  What could we do for your process?  Click, call, or email to find out:


And, they're off! (August 12, 2017)

August 12, 2017

We opened up shop at the request of a few manufacturing engineers and business managers from world-class operations who were looking not just to measure parts or clear their inspection tables, but to build better processes.  Their expectation was simple; that we bring to market our customer-centric* approach to part inspection and 3D data collection.

* "customer-centric" was coined by our founder in 2003... if you know of anyone who used the term earlier, we would appreciate an introduction!  Sounds like our kind of human...