3D Vision & Laser scanning for as-built documentation, piping retrofit, AEC or BIM

  • We measure your space or object using vision systems or laser scanners that are accurate to 1mm (0.039")

  • We process the data, cleaning up extraneous information as needed

  • We export the data, ready for use with any compatible CAD system

  • We can include CAD modeling in the scope of the project

Portable coordinate Measuring using Laser Trackers, 3D Scanners or Articulating Arms

  • We measure using portable CMMs (laser trackers, arms, imagers, scanners)

  • We create an inspection process, then can either document it fully, or automate it.

  • We can provide inspection reports for first articles or production parts.

  • We can use your equipment or ours.

Quality control Department services

  • We provide consultation on-site or at-a-distance to assess audit readiness for AC7130 measurement and inspection audits.

  • We can assist in updating internal processes or documents to achieve compliance.

Implementation / training

  • We can fully implement your coordinate measuring equipment, bringing it further into your processes and increasing the return-on-investment. If you have a system going underused, or collecting dust, we want to help.

  • As part of our implementations, we can provide custom, application-specific training tailored to your manufacturing requirements and tolerances on a range of coordinate measuring equipment and software.

  • We can help merge the output from your CMM to your SPC or other downstream process.